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Getting Started Selling on eBay

Whether you want eBay to be a primary or supplemental sales channel, eBay sellers can find great success selling products on a marketplace open to a broad base of customers and buyers.


1. Register Your Account

A. Personal or Business account?

In registering an eBay account, you will need to decide if you will be selling as an individual or as a business. Don’t worry, if you already have a personal eBay account, you can create a separate business account or change your individual account; Either way, on eBay it is healthy to have both buying and selling transactions to build your feedback as a reputable account to deal with. Go to eBay’s homepage and let’s get started.

Register an Individual Account – When registering a personal account, you can sell and buy products in an auction or Buy-it-Now format.

Register a Business Account – The process of registering as a business on eBay is very similar to registering as an individual are very similar, but includes providing business name, address, and contact information.

You will want to choose a business account, if you plan to do any of the following:

  • Sell items you have bought to resell 
  • Sell items you have produced yourself 
  • List and sell a large amount of items on a recurring basis 
  • Sell new or refurbished items you don’t use personally 
  • Buy items for your business 

If you still aren’t sure whether to register as an individual or a business, contact your legal advisor.

You will receive a confirmation email from eBay, upon registration. Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your account. Make sure to use the email address that where you want to receive primary communication.

B. Choose a good account name

Whether registering as an individual or a business, you will want to choose a good seller name. If a business, you can use a DBA alias that isn’t your direct legal business name. Either way, the name you choose should be representative of what you plan to do on eBay and provide reassurance to your customer that you can be relied upon. You can change your name later, but you are only allowed to do it once every 30 days.

Things to avoid, when choosing your account or business name on eBay:

  • Don't select any name with the word "eBay" (this s not allowed by eBay).
  • Names that are hateful or obscene can be blocked by eBay.
  • Obscure names like “justsellitllc” or “rockin247” seem unprofessional and could scare of potential buyers.
  • Avoid using a brand or trademark name that you don’t own.

C. Setup Your Payment Method

A number of payment options are provided by eBay for selling and buying. For a current list of allowed payment options on eBay click here. Paypal is the most popular option because it is owned by eBay. You can set up a Paypal account by following the links provided by eBay or going to

D. Read Information for New Members

After you have confirmed your account, make sure to be familiar with the terms and conditions and policies regarding selling on eBay. eBay seeks to protect both the buyer and the seller, and can suspend an account, if the user is not following the policies of operating on the eBay Marketplace.

To support and protect the buyer, eBay has established Seller Performance Standards. Some of the key standards you are expected to adhere to, include:

  • Charge reasonable shipping and handling costs.
  • Specify shipping and handling time in the listing.
  • Follow through on your return policy.
  • Respond to buyers’ questions promptly.
  • Be helpful, friendly, and professional throughout a transaction.
  • Make sure the item is delivered to the buyer as described in the listing.

To avoid your account being suspended, make sure you are operating in accordance with these standards. You can see how you are performing against these standards on the Seller Dashboard.

2. Decide what you will sell

A. Determine products or categories 

There are various strategies to follow in determining what products to sell. When selling on eBay, make sure you are selecting the right products that you know people are buying and identify the right price point and buying option (Auction or Buy-it-Now) that people are buying the products.

B. Perform product research 

One way to identify products and categories that are selling well on eBay is to use a good product research tool. Terapeak is a service that provides multi-dimensional eBay market data that can give you a competitive advantage over online sellers who don’t research their market, and help you compete against those who do. If you need answers about products, pricing, competitors, market trends, listings, or other important factors to selling on eBay – Terapeak offers a great solution.

C. Discover products you can list 

Once you have determined the product categories and types of products you want to sell, begin discovering those products within Doba, using search, category filters, and the Product Feed. After you can searched the products, use the Product Sort function to identify products that have the best wholesale price discount, providing you the best wholesale margin. 

As you discover products you want to sell from Doba on eBay, add those products into your Doba Inventory List(s). You can organize your Inventory Lists in whatever way (by category, by channel, etc.) that makes the most sense for your business. The Inventory Lists will be the source for your product listings wherever you sell those products (eBay, your website, your store, Amazon, etc.).

3. List your products on eBay

When you are ready to begin selling, you will need to get your products listed. eBay provides a number of selling tools to help you manage your product listings. The product listing tools include: 

A. Sell Your Item (SYI) – Free (web-based) 

This is the easy way to manage your listing, one product at a time. SYI walks you through the listing process: Product Title & Description, Price & Shipping, Launch the Listing.

B. File Exchange – Free (web-based) 

The File Exchange Tool allows you to list products in bulk and is ideal for high-volume sellers. The File Exchange Center is where you can upload your product listings in bulk, view upload results & status, and download sales history. Make sure to reference the detail File Exchange Instructions & Resources.

Listing your Doba products on eBay with File Exchange Basic is very easy, here are the steps. 

  1. Download “eBay File Exchange Basic” custom data export from Doba Data Export. Download Data Export (choose desired retail markup price)
  2. Open the downloaded Doba Data Export CSV File, enter your PayPal Email Address after the equal sign in the 'PayPalEmailAddress=' column header of the CSV File.
  3. Upload the eBay File Exchange Basic CSV file to eBay. Upload File
  4. Review the Upload Status & Results. Fix any errors.

The default settings in the Doba File Exchange Export will list your products as a 'Buy It Now' listings for 10 days with a quantity of "1" per listing. Remember eBay has listing fees for each product listed. The default listing configuration of Doba's eBay File Exchange Export is set for the basic eBay Insertion Fee.

Hint: If you want to further customize or optimize the category you are listing in, you can edit the 'Category' column by replacing the default Category ID provided in the Export and inserting your desired eBay Category ID. eBay Category ID Reference

Note: The Doba Custom Data Export for eBay File Exchange Basic defaults to Immediate Payment for all Items Sold, which requires that the eBay Seller accepts PayPal for payment. Additionally, in order to use the File Exchange bulk product listing tool, eBay requires that "You must accept the terms and conditions for automatic payment method that will be used to pay any charges related to selling and buyer reimbursements." Check your My Account settings for Payment methods for Seller Fees to change it to 'Automatic Payment Method', as necessary, prior to using the File Exchange product listing tool.

C. Turbo Lister – Free (software download) 

This bulk listing tool from eBay helps a seller create professional-looking product listings, and upload and edit products in bulk. eBay Turbo Lister is a software download that is only compatible with Windows operating systems. 

Listing bulk products with eBay Turbo Lister is easy: 

  1. Download eBay Turbo Lister software
  2. Download “eBay Turbo Lister” custom data export from Doba Data Export. Download Data Export 
  3. Upload the file using Turbo Lister software tool.
  4. Review the Upload Status & Results. Fix any problems.

D. Seller Manager – Free (web-based) 

Seller Manager is free to all eBay Sellers. This online tool is designed to help medium-volume sellers manage their active eBay Product Listings, generate bulk feedback, and print invoices and labels. 

See how to manage and edit your existing, active listings using Seller Manager. 

E. Selling Manager Pro – $15.99 / month (free to eBay Store subscribers) 

This is an all-in-one solution that helps you manage bulk product listings and edits, including everything from Seller Manager while also automating listing and post-listing tasks, creating reusable listing templates, shipping status and feedback to users.

4. Manage and track your orders


After you generate a sale, you need to communicate effectively with the customer. This will help you generate good feedback and repeat business. 

Track eBay business sales. You can use Selling Manager to keep track of the products you have for sale, to create email marketing templates, provide feedback on your customers, print order invoices and shipping labels, and to automatically relist products for sale. 

Customers want to be informed on the status of their order. One key area of communication is providing order tracking information so customers can track the shipping of the order. 

To learn how to enter order shipment tracking information on your eBay sales order so the customer can be informed, click here

The process for tracking order status and providing shipment tracking to your eBay customers is simple: 

  • Obtain order tracking from suppliers on Doba – Supplier Orders
  • Add order shipment tracking to sold items on eBay

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